Real Sports


I used to play a ton of basketball, and still try to every now and then. Unfortunately the ravages of time and injury have left me pretty useless on the court, so my games are fewer and farther between every year...


I try to play golf as much as my schedule and my laziness allow. This usually only means a couple of time every year.

I do play in the Zar Invitational every year. The ZI is a golf outing among a group of my old friends from the Pennsylvania Phi chapter of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at Carnegie Mellon University. We rotate around the country every year, playing either near someone's place of residence (Jersey Shore, Raleigh NC, Baltimore MD, Cleveland OH, Denver CO, etc.) or at some sort of golf resort or destination (Myrtle Beach, Birminghavm, AL). Rumor has it we're headed back to Pittsburgh in 2008...

Other Sports

I used to play just about anything involving a team and a ball. My other favorite sports are soccer, football, and baseball.

Fantasy Sports

Idiot League (MLB Baseball)

The Idiot League has been around in one form or another for almost 10 years now. The current incarnation is a 10-team league hosted on Sportsline.

I maintain the Off-Season IDL Home in this space. This provides some additional resources to owners.

Fantasy (NFL) Football

I've pretty much lost interest in fantasy football, although I still get occasional calls for advice from friends that still think I pay attention...

Fantasy (NBA) Basketball

I did participate in an NBA league a couple of years ago and had a lot of fun. Unfortunately that league went belly-up, and I've steadily lost interest in the NBA ever since.

Sports Pools

MLB Picks

MLB Division, Pennant, and WS Picks

NFL Pools

Weekly NFL Pool

NCAA Basketball Tournament Pools

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World Cup Pool

Check back in 2010...

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